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Contribute $17 for 2017

I’ll be honest: fundraising is the worst part of my job. Like you, I’m deeply uncomfortable with the corrupting influence of big money in politics (and I’ve worked hard to limit that influence here in NYC). I know there are so many other important causes that deserve your support, especially now.

Still, as we prepare to defend our city and our values from the threats of the Trump regime, I really need your help.

Could you contribute $17 today to help me carry our progressive work for a fairer city forward into the new year?

With this year’s elections behind us (remember when we thought we couldn’t wait for it to end?), it’s time to turn to the 2017 New York City elections. We’ve got a lot to do next year.

I’ll be running for re-election to the City Council, to continue the work we’ve done together in our district, through participatory budgeting, the Brooklyn PTA 5K, our work after Hurricane Sandy, Bridging Gowanus, #GetOrganizedBK, and so much more.

Citywide, as co-chair of the NYC Progressive Caucus Alliance, I’ll be helping to grow the number and strength of progressives in the City Council. We helped elect some remarkable new members in 2013, and a strong progressive Speaker. We’ll need to do the same next year.

Nationally, I’ll be the chair of “Local Progress,” a national network of local elected officials all across the country. This fall, we organized a campaign against hatred and anti-Muslim bias, with over 550 elected officials and 50 localities signing on. Now, we’re gearing up for national campaigns to protect sanctuary cities, advance police reform, and continue our policy progress for better jobs and a fairer economy.

And all of that work takes money.

So I am asking – a little sheepishly, and with deep appreciation – for your help.  Every dollar makes a difference. Can you contribute $17 to my campaign today? 

As the darkest days of the year approach – and some of the darkest times our country has seen, too, I fear – I promise to keep working hard with you to resist forces of hatred and injustice, and to bring in all the light we can. 

I’d really appreciate your support as we move forward together into the year.


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Maximum contribution is $2,750.

If a contributor has business dealings with the City (as defined by the CFB), the contribution limit is $250.

We cannot accept: contributions from corporations, partnerships, LLCs, political committees, or foreign nationals.

Contributions are not tax deductible.

Contributions by eligible NYC residents may be matched by as much as 6:1 through the NYC Campaign Finance system.

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